Leopard on White

Happy Friday, everyone!

     Okay, one of my new year’s goals for 2017 is to have a well- thought post every week on my blog. It has been challenging for me, since I have to think of every penny I spend nowadays because my first priority is to spend my money on my son’s needs. Most of my posts will be about investing on material things and the amount of money I am willing to spend, so this time- I decided to spend  no more than seventy dollars. So, I headed out to the store and found these gorgeous boots that I have been eyeing for years. I was so ecstatic to look at the price, and of course, it was approximate to my budget; it was already on a sale price.

      I was adamant to stick to my budget—so, what about the dress and accessories?! Well, we all have clothes that we have worn before, so just to be creative –I incorporated it with some of my accessories that I have not worn before. In this case, I headed to my closet and found these items to create this look. If I can create this look , you can do it, too. The bottom line  is you do not have to spend a lot of money to look nice—you just have to be creative and utilize your clothing and accessories not just once but multiples times.

Thank you for reading!

xo, Myra

Boots:Catherine Catherine Malandrino

bag:Michael Kors

Blazer: Forever 21

Dress: Leith


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